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A New Book :D

YAY! Just in time for the holidays. . .I have a new book out. . . This one is a holiday story (though really I think you can read it anytime) about a UFC heavy weight fighter and a struggling waitress on the run from her ex-husband. It's the first in a series about UFC fighters and honestly. . . I love this book. . . I think it's one of the most romantic I've written :D

It's available on kindle here:

And in other formats on my publisher's website:

Defying the Odds
Book One in the Battered Hearts Series

When struggling waitress Melody Dylan gives a handsome, lonely stranger a simple gift she has no clue her life is about to take a drastic turn.

The stranger ends up being Clay Powers, a famous UFC heavyweight fighter. Clay’s large build and dangerous fists have always intimidated. People in his hometown keep their distance and Clay is fine with that. Everything changes when a new waitress at the local diner buys him a piece of pie on Thanksgiving. Touched by the gesture when it’s obvious she can barely afford to survive, her warm smile and lush body churn up powerful feelings that leave Clay wanting more from her than pie.

Melody is running from her past and the small, country town of Garnet is the perfect hiding place. With an ex-husband after her and scars from her abusive marriage etched deep, the last thing she expects is to fall for a man who makes a living with his fists, but she can’t resist Clay or the tender connection they share.

Finding love in the most unlikely of places, the passion is undeniable, but Clay and Melody know their haunted pasts and unpredictable futures leave the odds stacked against them.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: violence.

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Fire and Ice's ending. . .

 It's posted on the yahoo group. . . But, I figured I'd post the link here too. . . Here's the ending to Fire and Ice. . It's not complete and it's not edited. . . There are a few chapters missing (obviously) from what's posted on the fan fics sites and what happens here. . . And the end isn't complete. . . There's an epilogue missing. . . But, if you wanted to know what happens. . . Here it is :D

Click the link to read :D

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Book out in print!!


I know it's been forever . . . But, I just had to drop by and squeeee. . . . Beyond Eden is finally out in print. . . I got to hold it in my hands. I cried. LOL! I know that makes me a sap. . . But, I did. . . Seeing my name on the book just totally blew me away. . . 

Anyway. . I know some of you were asking about info when it came out in print. . . So here it is. . . The prices fluctuate up and down. . . But, I think Amazon has it cheapest this week!

I hope everyone is doing well. . .I miss you guys!! 

LInks to the book:

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A Kiss for Luck on Amazon, etc. . .

Several of you emailed and/or asked for the buying info for A Kiss for Luck when it was released to third party websites. . . Well, yay! It was released so you can download it direct to your kindle, nook, etc. . . 

A Kiss for Luck on Amazon:

A Kiss for Luck on Barnes and Nobel:

A Kiss for Luck on All Romance:

Read an excerpt here:

Hope everyone is having an awesome week!!



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Just in case you guys were curious. . . I've got a new book out. . . It's a short one . . . A sweet, very sexy New Year's kiss story. . . Fans of my R/Hr fan fic will probably really enjoy it. It's a very heartwarming story, with a sexy firefighter (big and buff, but with freckles 'cause I couldn't resist. LOL) and quite different from Beyond Eden that was a dark erotic piece. . . This one is just a fun, sexy story of two best friends who become something more. . . 

Anyway. . . I hope everyone is well!! I miss you guys. . . The whole baby/homeschool/job/writing/etc. . . Is harder than I thought it would be. . . I miss having free time!!

And thank you to everyone whose been so supportive with my original writing. . . This has been a dream come true for me and it means so VERY much!!

(((Hugs you guys like whoa)))


Book Info:

A Kiss for Luck

Dr. Clara Evans’ life has taken a turn for the worse. With a failed marriage behind her, Clara has only a bottle of wine and a romance novel for company on New Year’s Eve while waiting for the dreadful year to end.

Her lonely celebration is disrupted when her best friend Jackson Philips shows up and she couldn’t be more delighted. Tall, muscular and handsome, what’s not to love about the bighearted firefighter?

It’s not until she steals a desperately needed kiss for luck at midnight that secret desires and hidden heartaches rise to the surface, igniting an inferno of passion that burns hot enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned firefighter.

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I'm up on Amazon!!

Hey all. . Just dropping in to say hi. . .Been crazy busy with promotions. . . Really, really crazy. . .but, forget all that! My book is finally up on Amazon!! It just went up over the weekend and seeing myself on Amazon was really exciting :D

So cool! Really, I've been jumping up and down all weekend! Check it out! I have no reviews and I just started working on my author page. . .But, still! I'm on Amazon!!!

I do find myself floundering a bit with how to promote it there. . . if anyone has any ideas, will you let me know?? It shouldn't seem hard, but it is. How do you get the word out??? You'd be surprised how hard that question is to answer!!

Other than that. . . Just keeping busy. . I've been very lucky with reviews. . I've gotten five in the past week or so and all of them have been really positive, several 5 stars and recommended reads. . . I also won book of the week! It's been awesome. . . .My husband has been working on adding them all to my website! Maintaining it is a bigger job than we realized. 

Hope everyone is doing well. . . I'm done with my book tour on the fifth and hope to have lots more time to write once that happens!