RedBlaze (redblaze) wrote,

I'm up on Amazon!!

Hey all. . Just dropping in to say hi. . .Been crazy busy with promotions. . . Really, really crazy. . .but, forget all that! My book is finally up on Amazon!! It just went up over the weekend and seeing myself on Amazon was really exciting :D

So cool! Really, I've been jumping up and down all weekend! Check it out! I have no reviews and I just started working on my author page. . .But, still! I'm on Amazon!!!

I do find myself floundering a bit with how to promote it there. . . if anyone has any ideas, will you let me know?? It shouldn't seem hard, but it is. How do you get the word out??? You'd be surprised how hard that question is to answer!!

Other than that. . . Just keeping busy. . I've been very lucky with reviews. . I've gotten five in the past week or so and all of them have been really positive, several 5 stars and recommended reads. . . I also won book of the week! It's been awesome. . . .My husband has been working on adding them all to my website! Maintaining it is a bigger job than we realized. 

Hope everyone is doing well. . . I'm done with my book tour on the fifth and hope to have lots more time to write once that happens!

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