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More than Memories FTW!

I counted the votes on my LJ and the yahoo group and it's clearly the winner. . . So it looks like I got a wedding to work on ::grins:: I honestly have no idea how that's going to turn out. The rest of the story I have plotted, but I planned to just wing the wedding and Christmas at the Burrow scenes. We'll see what happens. It'll be a surprise for all of us!

Thank you everyone for voting!
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So, the poll on what fan fic I'll finish has been a dead heat between More than Memories and Fire and Ice the whole time. . . I'm totally surprised by how close it's been. Most of the time they've been dead even. Kinda cool, actually, how split down the middle it is. . .

The poll closes June 1st. . . So if you're passionate about one story or the other hurry up and vote before midnight!

There's the linky. . You have to be a member of the group to vote. . . but, joining is easy!

Pulled out my stories and have been looking at them while waiting for the winner.. . Man, how much do I miss Ron! Love him!
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Quick hello and question about my fan fics. . .

Just dropping a line. . . My mother is in town and we haven't seen her in a LONG time so we've been busy, busy with the new baby and trying to make sure she gets to do fun things on this trip.

Baby is AWESOME. . . So cute, sometimes my head just wants to explode when I look at her cause she's just precious. Though, she's rapidly turning very rolly polly. Eating is by far her favorite thing! I'm stumbling around exhausted most of the time, but not complaining much.

I hope everything is going good with everyone. . I miss you guys! I have made a decision to start trying to post a lot more. I need to get back into the swing of things.

It looks like I am very close to closing the deal on my first book. . . I am SO EXCITED you have no idea. . . Thank you to epubagent who has put up with me through all of this. She's an awesome agent. . . I loffs her. . .

Strangely, I can't wait to get started on editing. . . I am really curious to learn what happens to my manuscript to make it book quality. I am planning on learning a lot from my editor. YAY!

Also. . .Since I have come to the realization that one can actually make money off writing. . . I am all geared up to do it again. For some strange reason I can't write while I'm pregnant so I haven't written for almost a year and I am rusty. Since fan fiction usually ALWAYS kick starts my muse I have decided to work on it some to get me going again. . .

Question is . . . What would you all like to read. . I love all my stories. . . So I'm sorta ambivalent over what I work on. . . I have the ending finished for both Fire and Ice and More than Memories and ideally I'd like to get ONE of those done to actually post the ending since I'm proud of both endings and they are useless on my laptop.

What would YOU like to read. . . I think I'm just going to tally up the more positive response from here and my yahoo group and let you all decide. . . I'm going to wait until my mom leaves on monday then I'll start working on it. . . So go ahead and comment if you have a preference. . .
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My review of The Replacement Guitarist

Replacement Guitarist Replacement Guitarist by Lori Toland

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I loved this book. The relationship between Jason and Blaze is electric and the tension jumps off the page whenever the two of them are together. Plus, the contrast of straight laced Jason, polished and perfect in his expensive business suits compared to rock and roll Blaze a casual, laid back (and totally sexy) Hawaiian guy made the book so much fun. Dialogue is great, characters are great and the intimate look at rock and roll behind the scenes made this book a page turner from start to finish.

View all my reviews >>
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The Replacement Guitarist. . .

So, alas. . . loritoland has helped me be cool and I'm posting the full info/cover art for her bookie that is so awesome (did I mention I wrote the blurb below. . .I did!) so check it out. . .

HAHA! This is Lori and I have hijacked the amazing journal of redblaze to try and peddle my skin my mother-in-law...err...PIMP MY BOOK!

So hi! I'm Lori Toland and redblaze and I have been friends for years. You may know me as tonksnymphadora. I write m/m romance (sexy men touching...WIN!!) so if you like gay romance, check it out! (Plus Blaze is a sexy Japanese/Hawaiian guy...WIN!!)

Blaze Shinozuka, a hot talent who auditions as a replacement guitarist for world famous pop star Cassie, is thrilled when he draws the attention of celebrity manager Jason Stockton—and not only because it could make his career. His instant attraction to Jason sends his world careening off its axis and drives him to make a move. But Jason reacts by trying to put distance between them, and Blaze finds himself thrust into the gritty world of rock 'n' roll while falling for a man he shouldn’t touch, let alone love.

Straight-laced Jason Stockton is always professional and never dips his pen in the company ink. But there's something about Blaze that leaves him wanting what he shouldn't, and the guitarist’s exotic beauty and compelling innocence turn out to be the temptation Jason can’t resist. But just one lie in the national media sets off a chain of events that pushes Jason and Blaze apart. Can they find a way to be together in the cutthroat, jealous world of rock 'n' roll even after the music stops?

Buy it here!
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Internet was out for a while. . . Sorry about that. I hope ya'll didn't think I was ignoring you! Thank you for the feedback. Am going to try and catch up on all my email now.

Sorry again. . .Hugs to all!
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Finally did it. . . Please friend me so I don't look lonely and sad when people from High School start finding me :D

Son has one, Mari has one, Husbank has one. . . I figured I better do it to keep up if nothing else. . .

That being said, you know how they recommend friends--Trisha was in the first row of people. . . That sorta hit me out of the blue. Sigh.

Anyway. . . Facebook.

There's me. . .

I owe emails.. . Been crazy here. . . Mari turned 18 ::screams:: We're having a big party here tonight. . . Fun! In fact, I decide to start facebook to hide from cooking!
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Thank you!

Below, a repost from abigail89 and please know all her heartfelt words are mirrored in my own heart. . . I think you all are awesome. Really, words cannot express how much I am touched by what this fandom banded together and achieved. It was really important for madam_minnie and tqpannie to be able to go and you all helped make possible. My heart is literally exploding with love and gratitude for this entire fandom.

Forgive my lack of eloquence, I have had hardly any sleep in days due to a number of issues. Am still on the road, internet connection is sporadic, but I do have my phone that I can check emails with. I'll be back home tomorrow and capable of normal communications.

Just--thank you to everyone from being wonderful! Know I love you!



Dear Everyone:
As of 6:45pm EDT, you all have contributed $2,411.29 to our fund to send madam_minnie and tqpannie to the service to celebrate the life of simons_flower, Trisha Hogan Masen. I have transferred all but a small amount to Minnie, since she handled the arrangements. They have purchased plane tickets to Seattle, booked a car and hotel room in the same hotel as Trisha's sister and best friend. She and Annie will meet up in Phoenix and will fly in and out of there, leaning on each other for badly needed support.

I cannot tell you how overwhelmed and amazed I have been at your kindness and generosity. It's been. . .life-affirming. Gifts have ranged from $5 on up to $100, and loads in-between, from all over the world. You opened up your wallets and bled. For some of you, it hurt. But you just couldn't not give. Every time I got an email notice from PayPal, I just shook my head in delight and disbelief. Is this the same group of people who occasionally wank and take great pleasure at hurting each other from time to time? Is this the same fandom that blew itself up over a petty issue like which fictional characters in a series of children's book should marry?

Please know that every amount donated is celebrated and deeply appreciated.

Your messages have been very sweet; I'm printing them out and will send them to Annie and Minnie in the coming days. The common theme was "How could I not contribute. What is so astonishing is the number of people who didn't even know simons_flower/Trisha, never friended her LJ, never read about her struggles with her health, her pride in her daughter, her unique outlook on life, never read her wonderful stories over multiple fandoms. You all contributed simply because you were moved by the outpouring of shock, sadness, and love for a woman who many of us knew to be talented, funny, smart, wise, loyal, and loving and in the end, left us way too soon.

Thank you seems so inadequate, yet it's all I got. I have seen the face of God this week, and she looks just like YOU. Y'all rock the universe.

Go in peace.

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Drive by hugs!

Am out on the road selling my little heart out. . .But, I wanted to take a moment to just tell you guys THANK YOU! You are all wonderful. I just--wow, I can't even express how deeply everyone has touched me.

I am going to make a long, more gushing post later--but, for now just know that from the bottom of my heart I love all of you and I love this fandom. We are just an amazing group of friends that can really band together to help each other out when need be.

Thank you for being wonderful!

(((hugs you all)))